It’s closing in.

So I’ve known my girlfriend for roughly 4 years or so, but we’ve only been dating for less than a year. It’ll be a year in November. But I looked at a tumblr I made this time last year and it’s all about my love for her. It’s about her leading me on, about me being stupid and not asking her out earlier. It’s about our first kiss, and how it confused me because she said she didn’t want to date a week after it happened. It’s a lot of love and some depression I felt towards my let downs. Most of those obviously my own fault. I talked about me getting her a ring. I got this amazing girl a ring when we weren’t even dating. It was a stepping stone to what I have now. I’m so happy I have this amazing best friend, lover, and companion to call my own. To hug and caress, to kiss and love, and to laugh and cry. All those experiences mean so much to me, to us.

I’m glad I wrote down my feelings and thoughts in a separate tumblr. I can go back whenever I want and reminisce.

That’s all.

tl;dr I love my girlfriend.




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